Deck Change Case

Deck Change CaseThis is a box or case that apparently holds two Bicycle decks of cards, one red backed and one blue backed. It will permit you to change the Red backed deck of cards in a very easy and simple manner right under audience view. You can now change your examined and shuffled deck for a set-up deck, or a trick deck like a forcing deck, Svengali deck or any other special deck.

You could also use this case to perform tricks using two ordinary decks. For example, pull out a deck of cards, have it examined and shuffled, then have a spectator select any card (no force) which you place in your trouser pocket. A snap of your fingers, and the pocket is turned out to show card gone. Spectator checks the deck (which the case has switched) – and the card has returned to the deck. Very easy with this case, and a “top of pocket” dodge.

This is not made as a trick in itself- just an invaluable secret accessory for your card magic, where a trick deck is to be used, or two decks have to be switched, and you want to imply it is a regular deck which has been seen and handled by the audience.
Very easy to use. Recommended for any card worker.

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