Crystal Rod Mysteries

Crystal-Rod-MysteriesThe props and routines supplied for this outfit were inspired by some ideas from England’s prolific ideas man Ian Adair. Ian’s idea of a Clear Crystal Paddle, where the spots on the opposite side are also visible through the clear paddle make for a very strong optical enhancement to any Paddle effect. Ian also sent us several regular Paddle Trick ideas, and we combined some of these with these clear rods, giving you a set of props for some very strong close up magic that will fool most spectators familiar with the usual paddle effects.
We supply you a set of three crystal paddles (rods), with different colored spots.
You can perform routines using one, two, or all three of the rods supplied. Some of the routines detailed in the instructions include :
Color Changing Spots – You show a rod with three yellow spots on both sides. The enhanced illusion of being able to see the spots on the opposite side from above makes this much stronger than any normal paddle effect. With a quick flick, all the spots change to red (or green), and once again the spots are on both sides of the rod.
The Vanishing Rod – Three rods covered by a pocket handkerchief  are displayed in turn, by drawing each out from under the handkerchief, one at a time, displaying them, then replacing them under the handkerchief. One is with red spots (both sides) one green spots (both sides) and one yellow spots (both sides).  The magician asks a spectator to name two and only two of the colored rods. Whichever rods he mentions, these will be the ones which will be withdrawn from under the hank. Let us say the spectator says red and yellow. The red rod is removed and shown both sides. The yellow rod is removed and shown both sides. The spectator is asked to name the colored rod which remains. He says green. The performer asks the spectator to lift away the hank. The green rod has vanished completely. The trick can be repeated …with any different color combination named each time.
The Color Changing Rod – The effect is identical to the one above, except that at the end, the rod with colored spots not selected changes to an entirely different color, which can be examined by the spectators. 
If you like Paddle effects or close-up Magic, you will love this. And as you play around with the props, you will probably devise routines of your own, in addition to those supplied in the instructions.

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