Crystal Frame & Tube

Crystal-Frame-TubeThis is a brand new and very effective version of the classic Silk Cabby and Frame effect, where three Silks vanish from an opaque box (Cabby) and re-appear on a rod in the middle of a large frame, shown empty.
The apparatus we supply performs an identical effect with entirely transparent “see through” props. 
In this version three silks (you could use more or less) are placed in a clear Crystal Tube. A Crystal Frame is displayed, with a metal rod going through the middle.
In an instant the silks vanish from the tube, and appear tied on the rod in the middle of the Frame. The change is visible, instantaneous and completely under your control. The clear see-through Crystal Props raise the impact of this classic effect to an entirely new level.
We supply you the mechanical frame, tube, and six silks. You could also use the two props independently for many other effects, besides the routine above.

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