Costume Capers

costume capersHere is a new mental Magic effect, working on a different principle that is exceptionally clean cut, direct, and colorful. The performer shows a large picture of a Girl in a bathing costume.  The picture is in a cut out frame, depicting a clothes line on the beach, with a towel slung over the line.  The towel just covers the swimming costume of the girl, leaving the rest of the picture clearly visible at all times.
Four miniature playing card size replicas of the Girl are displayed, all identical, except for the colors of the costume which are all different, – Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.

The spectator may select any of the pictures he likes,  There is no force of any kind, and the selection is absolutely fair and free.  Let us presume the spectator selects the Girl with the Green Costume. The large picture is now pulled out of the frame, facing the audience, and therefor fully visible at all times.  There is absolutely no possibility of a switch of pictures.  It is pulled out almost completely, so that the costume is fully visible.  The Girl is seem to be attired in the Green costume, the same as the spectator’s free selection.
There is no switch or exchange of cards or envelopes.  The entire prediction picture is clearly on view at all times, except for the color of the costume which is hidden behind the towel.

his is a mechanical 100% sure fire prediction effect, which will permit you to produce the prediction picture dressed in any of the four colored required.  There are no forces, stooges, or similar stratagems. The manuscript supplied details presentation variations, where you are the judge at a beauty contest, or another variation with a story of four identical sisters etc.  The item is very easy to perform, requiring only a few handling trials to understand the working principle.

Costume Capers is a Sam Dalal original and comes to you complete and ready to work with instructions at a most reasonable price.  An excellent trick which packs flat, plays big and where the magic is colorful, strong and direct.

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