Control Reel

conrolreelcontrol reelWe have three models of Reels in our range, each suitable for a particular type of action.

We have now produced a Control Reel, which is ideal for slow motion animation effects. A classic example of this is the Serpentine Silk effect, where a knot is tied in a large handkerchief, and the knot visibly unties, making for one of the most effective pieces of visual magic ever conceived.

This reel does not have the snap action of our other reels, and is not the best for say, having a silk jump from the floor into your hand, or pass through a Microphone Stand. But where control over the speed is required, as for the Serpentine Silk effect, these reels give you perfect control over the movement.

The Control Reel is made of brass, painted flesh color, and comes to you with instructions for use, along with the presentation for the routine above.

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