Confetti Blaster

Confetti BlasterThese wireless remote control confetti cannons can be placed anywhere on the stage or in a room to create an instantaneous blast and shower of confetti or streamers on the push of a discrete hand-held button.

The units work on a rechargeable battery, so no power cables or repeat purchase of batteries are required. The battery in the remote would require replacing when exhausted, but this will last a long time.
When fired from a stage or over a dance floor, multiple units can be fired from different locations to create a fantastic, surprise effect.

Supplied complete with rechargeable batteries for the main unit, 2 bags of confetti, and the battery charger. Additional bags of confetti can be purchased from us at a modest cost.

These Blasters require Flash Cotton for their operation, which is not included with the item, as many performers already have this. You can purchase this separately from us, if you require.

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