Computer Design Cards

This is a completely self working item, which you can perform, without even knowing how or why it works. The performer displays a “chart” with over a dozen different pictures or designs on it. A spectator mentally thinks of any design.  There are no forces, and the item can be repeated with a different design at every showing. A few more cards are now displayed.  These have some of the designs on them.  They are punched like the computer cards used to be when there were no PCs in every home !  These cards have an OK and NO printed along their edges.  The spectator is asked to arrange these cards in a pile.  If his design appears on the card, it is placed with the OK to the top.  If is doesn’t appear on the cards, it is placed with the NO edge to the top. The magician can then instantly name the selected design.  Or if  you wish, you can have another spectator reveal the selected design.  Computer Design Cards come to you with all the necessary cards, with the designs silk screened in bright eye catching colors, and full working instructions .

Ideal as an item to perform for yourself, or as a clever self working trick to present to any magic lover.

computer mind reading cards

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