Compass Clock – New Plastic

Compass-Clock-PlBased on the classic Chinese Compass principle, this is a cute and new pocket novelty you can present in various ways. The apparatus is a small
plastic dial, 2.5 ” in diameter, with a clock hand printed on one side and a question mark on the opposite side. You can make the clock hand point to any hour you wish, as you repeatedly rotate the dial between your fingertips, even though the question mark design on front of dial always stays upright. 

Use this as a prediction effect, to show the clock hand always points to an hour freely selected by a spectator, or to a rapid patter delivery, as the clock hand points to various different hours, to illustrate your tale ! This model is made of plastic, and will last as long as you care to use it. Supplied with instructions and routines at an incredibly low price. 

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