Compact Mirror Box

Compact Mirror BoxA compact, sturdy, and very economical model of the classic Mirror Production Box. 
A very effective Production box in the form of a cube with a door in front, and another door on top. Both doors are opened allowing the audience to see right into the box and through it. Doors are closed, and a large production of silks, decorations, flowers and fruits, or even a couple of doves are made from the empty box. 
This model measures approx. 8″ on all sides, and is made in a neutral white laminate, which you can easily decorate if and as you wish. Very useful for trade shows, (just put a decal of the company logo on the doors, and produce their products), or kid shows, club shows, or any act which requires a production. The design of the box permits you to produce a large load half the volume of the box.

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