Command Light – New 2014 model.

Command-Light-NewThis is a new model of the command light previously sold by us, with lots of improvements. The torch is now fitted with  4 long lasting LED bulbs for an extra bright beam, and thousands of hours of use. The LEDs give you much longer use of your batteries. The technology has been completely revamped and updated, from frequency modulated to radio control, to bring you a superior and more reliable product at a substantially lower cost.
To all appearances this is a torch or electric lantern, used by Campers, Miners, Fishermen, Sailors, or around the house. It is a familiar item to all in your audience, and they can handle this, switching it on and off by the toggle switch on this. (In fact the “gimmicking” is done in a regular commercial torch of this type.)
Yet the lighting of this torch/lantern is entirely under your control, and you can have it light at will from several feet away, even when held in a spectator’s hand. This Command Light is fitted with a radio control receiver, along with a matchbox size transmitter to control the lighting action secretly from your pocket from several feet away. No antennas or protruding parts, as in model RC toys.
There have been other similar effects in the past, (Beam Shot, Laser Light, Spook Light etc.) involving magnets and reed switches, where a torch magically lights under your control to reveal a selected card, or as a lie detector, and so on. You could easily perform any of these effects, without the need to be any where in the vicinity of the torch.
For the purveyor of Bizarre Magic, the torch could be a remnant from a mining accident, or a flood, or a shipwreck in the Bermuda Triangle, which took place on this day at this time, exactly so many years ago. A sort of impromptu Seance produces a flashing S.O.S. from the torch held by a “psychic” spectator, covered under a handkerchief. Its uses are limited by your imagination, – we give you some suggestions to start you off.
Supplied complete and ready to work, with all requirements.