Comedy Passe Passe Glass & Bottle – # 3 Plastic

PPBottles-PlThe performer apparently shows two Cylinders, under one of which is a bottle, and under the other a wine glass. The magician makes a Magic pass, and the bottle and wine glass are found to have changed places, with the bottle now appearing under the Cylinder where the wine glass was, and vice versa. This is repeated a number of times and can be played for a lot of  comedy.
For example an assistant can be chasing the bottle, and every time he selects a Cylinder, he finds the wine glass under it, while the bottle appears under the other Cylinder. After a few changes, as the magician is apparently talking to the audience, the assistant creeps up to both the cylinders and finds the bottle in one, which he steals away. He now smugly asks the magician to perform the trick again. The magician apparently unaware that the bottle has been stolen away, continues to perform the trick as before, leaving the assistant and the audience doubly amazed.
We supply you a set of three nested plastic bottles, two cylinders, and two wine glasses that can be filled with any liquid of your choice, all at an astonishingly low price, a fraction of the cost of the spun metal sets. The plastic bottles are just as effective, and much more impervious to drops, dents, and peeling paint !

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