Color Transfer Crayons

ColorTransferCrayonsThis is an excellent “bit of business” for use with any Magic coloring effect.
The performer displays a box full of Multicolor Crayons. He flicks the box towards some prop, and all the crayons become white, while the prop is colored in a rainbow of colors.
You could also just as easily work the effect in reverse, and start with a box full of white crayons, which instantly becomes multicolored.
We supply you the special box of crayons ready to work. Although not a complete effect, this is an excellent bit of business to use with Coloring Books, Instant Art and Color-It pictures, Silk Dyeing effects, Chameleon Streamers, Flash Dye Silks etc.
The box exactly matches our Crayon Vanishing Box, and the two can also be combined to transform a box full of white crayons to multicolor ones, then have all the crayons subsequently vanish.

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