Color Me A Hat

Color me a HatMagicians traditionally produce Rabbits from Top Hats, and Rabbits are traditionally white and Top Hats are black, or that is the way it used to be. Today fashion demands a little more color, and even Top Hats come in designer shades of black and red and blue and gold !
This is a nice and colorful routine for Kid show performers, with easy to carry pack flat props.
The performer displays a window envelope, with the picture of a Rabbit in an outline Top Hat, which has no color. The spectators are invited to select a color for the Top Hat from a chart of different shades. When the picture is again displayed, the Top Hat is magically colored in the selected color, and the picture can be handed out for examination. And the selected Hat in the shade card has been magically replaced by a colorless outline one.
These are two clever props, blended into a nice routine. You could ofcourse color the hat without using the card, just ask the kids to call out their favorite color ! And you could use the card to force a color for any effect. Attractively screened on Art Board, you get everything you need, with detailed instructions.

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