Color Choice

Color-ChoiceThis is a versatile prop. You can use all the props supplied for a neat self contained prediction effect. 
You can also use only the color panel to force a color for any other effect.
We supply you a plastic panel, with four colored spots on one side, and the numbers 1-2-3-4 on the opposite side. 
Also supplied is a prediction disc which is black on one side, and has a colored spot on the opposite side.
As a prediction routine
You remove the colored disc from your and display it with black side to audience. They do not see the colored spot on reverse of disc at this stage. State it is your prediction, and place it on table, black side upper most.
Remove the panel from your pocket, with number side facing audience. Display the panel to audience, with numbers facing them, and ask them to select any of the four numbers. Emphasize the selection is fair and free, and they are free to change their mind if they wish. Have them call out their selected number.
Finally turn the panel over to show the colored spots behind the numbers. Draw attention to the color of the spot behind the selected number. Then have a spectator turn over the disc to discover a perfect prediction. All the props can be examined by the spectators.
As a color force accessory.
It is useful wherever you wish to force a color for a mental effect, or a silk effect etc. The panel is introduced, and a spectator selects one of the numbers – any number can be selected. Panel can then be handed over to him to discover the color behind his selected number, which is your force color.
Durably constructed in plastic, and supplied ready to work, with at a very affordable price.

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