Color Changing Penknife #3 New rust free model

COL CHG Knife 3_OgifThe performer displays a white penknife, white on both sides.

Suddenly, the knife changes to black.  The knife is again displayed as black on both sides.

With a magic flick the knife now changes to red.  Once again, you show both sides of the knife to be red.

You can conclude your effect at this point, or again change the red knife back to black, and finally white, and even pass the white knife out for examination if you wish.
The apparatus supplied by us comprises of three knives, and a special holder to hold two of the knives.

This is a new model of this classic item, now made by us with custom made penknives, in anodized aluminum, which will never rust. The penknives appear normal in all respects, and you can open and close the blades, as in any penknife. However they are not designed to cut, or sharpen pencils. They are designed as a rust free closeup magic prop. Supplied complete with routine.


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