Color Changing Paddles

The performer displays two paddles, or miniature bats. One has white spots on both sides, and the other black. Holding a paddle in each hand he commands the spots to jump. Now the black spots are on the paddle that had the white, and vice versa.
After repeating this a few times, he takes the effect a step further. He rubs one paddle over the other, and the black and white spots have changed to two entirely different colors. Again the spots are shown on both sides of the paddle. Then they change once again to two other different colors – and are again shown on both sides.

This effect makes excellent use of the Paddle move, combined with the Rainbow Chips principle, to produce a wide and baffling variety of color changes, in a very convincing manner. The apparatus comprises of the two special plastic paddles, finished in plated chrome for a touch of class, with all the necessary “gimmicks” and instructions. There is nothing to add or steal – the special apparatus does it all. Very good value for money.

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