ccfanEffect: A large fan changes color several times in succession.
.The Color Changing Fan as such is not a very mystifying effect when performed by itself, but as an addition to other effects it can enhance their appeal.
For example, supposing you had a small box which had been shown empty and you were going to produce a few handkerchiefs from it. After showing the box empty, the fan is opened out to show as green and the box is fanned, after which a green handkerchief is produced from the box. The next time the box is fanned the fan is blue and a blue handkerchief is produced, and so on.
Another appropriate application is with any dyeing or Color Changing effect.
For example, if you are dying several white silks to several different coloured ones, by passing each through a paper tube, you can use the Color Changing Fan to fan the tube. When the fan shows red, a red silk emerges, when blue, the silk gets dyed blue, and so on.
Similarly for Color Changing effects, like the Color Changing Records, or Plumes, you could fan the Record Jacket or Paper tube with the plumes with this fan, and have the color change to the matching color.
You could also use the fan in lieu of a Magic Wand, fanning the tricks to make the Magic happen. Every time the fan is opened, it is a different color.
Do not dismiss this effect lightly because of its simplicity. Although it is not a world shattering illusion it can improve any other effect by adding a little color and possibly surprise.
Fan measures 10″ long when closed. When open it has a span of 17″ (or 21″ along the top arc.) A big display.

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