Color Changing Candle to Flower

PP Candle RThis is exactly half the Passe Passe Candles to Flowers outfit pictured above, and comes to you at half the price. 
The performer displays a lit candle, (say red) on a candle stand. A narrow tube is now placed over the candle, (with the flames showing over the top) then lifted, and the candle has magically changed to a different  color, (say Yellow).
This color changing effect can be repeated if you wish. Finally a cap is placed over the tube to extinguish the flame. When the tube is now lifted, the candle has transformed to a flower bouquet.
Besides the effect above, you could also use the same apparatus for performing the standard Candle To Flowers effect, where a lit candle covered with a tube changes to a bouquet of flowers. Complete with powder coated non rusting metal props as above.

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