Color Changing Bottle by Tora

Col-Chng-BottlesThe Color Changing Bottle is the creation of Magician Tora of Iran. These sets are made in India, and supplied by Funtime Innovation with permission from Magician Tora. 
Effect : The performer displays a black bottle, and pours out a drink from this. He covers the bottle with a cylinder shown  clearly through as  empty.
When  the cylinder is lifted away, the bottle has changed to a vivid orange. Again a drink is poured from this, and the bottle covered by the cylinder.
When the cylinder is again lifted, the bottle is seen to have turned to Yellow. A drink is poured from this.
This is repeated, with the bottle turning to Green, and finally White.
A drink is poured after each color change, and the drinks could be of different colors to match the bottle if you wished.
We supply you the set of 5 different colored bottles and the decorated metal cylinder. The bottles are spun from aluminum, and powder coated in bright colors to give you a long lasting prop.
In addition to the props supplied, you will need 5 small glasses. If you wish to pour out different colors from the bottles, then you will also require vegetable food dyes of the required colors, that dissolve instantly in water.
A different type of Bottle effect, for stage use.

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