Coin Slide Plus

coin-slide-plusAnother of those excellent magic props, that magicians shy away from because there are hundreds of models available in Kid’s magic sets, or in toy stores. But so are Cups & Balls and Linking Rings – its not the prop, but what you do with it that makes the Magic. The Coin Slide resembles a drawer with a slide just big enough to take a coin and is traditionally used to Vanish, Produce or Change a Coin.  And you can of course do all these things with this prop. But you can do more, like having a borrowed marked coin flip over in the slide, or char and bend with the thought waves of the audience. This makes it amazing to those familiar with the working of a coin slide.
The Coin Slide we supply is very well made, priced at the very low price you would expect for such a well known item, but comes with our additional ideas and applications that will enable you to get much more value from this classic prop. Get one today, and you won’t be disappointed.

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