Coin Bender Gimmicks

coin-bending-gimmickBending metals, apparently with the power of your mind makes for an extremely intriguing demonstration. Performers like Uri Geller have used similar demonstrations to get headline coverage, like few other magic tricks can.

Like the best magic trick, the secrets are simple and fool proof. You require a modest amount of handling practice, and your entire focus on the presentation, to sell this to your audience as a demonstration of psychic ability or super human strength, and not just another magic trick.

Borrow a coin from a spectator and make a mark on it (if needed). Bend it visually in front of the spectator displaying a a a feat of super human strength. Give them back their bent signed Coin as souvenir.

coin-bending-gimmicksShow your hands completely empty at the end!
Can be performed almost anywhere, anytime!

The Coin Bender Gimmicks (Pair) we supply is a simple “tool’ which will enable you to bend most standard coins. It gives you the necessary grip and leverage to enable you to perform this apparent miracle. Made of steel, and powder coated, they are attached to a length of elastic with a pin, acting very much like a pull, so the gimmicks are pulled out of sight, (up your sleeve, or behind your back) when not in use.

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