Circus Matchboxes (Wonder)

Circus MatchboxThe Acrobatic Matchbox is an old effect, but this model from Wonder, with specially made plastic matchboxes makes for a long lasting prop, easier in working than models made from regular board matchboxes.
In effect, these are two matchboxes, that behave in a most uncanny manner. Place the boxes end to end, with one drawer pushed out. Push in the drawer, and the other drawer pops out. Repeat as often as you like.
Then place the boxes side by side, and repeat the same effect. You could even place one box at right angles to the other, and they still behave in their uncanny manner.
Circus Matchboxes come complete and ready to use (you could fill the drawers with real matchsticks if you like), and illustrated instructions. Manufactured by Wonder Magic of Bombay.

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