Cinderella Goes to School

Cinderella-GTS-CThis is a children’s effect on the popular Hippity Hop Rabbits theme. It has all the elements of the popular sucker routine, and will appeal to the girls as much as the boys. In this version, only a single box and plaque are used (making it more compact) with a total of three color changes. Our modified construction with several original features enables you to display all the apparatus freely at any point of the performance.
Effect and Presentation :- Performer displays an upright cut-out plaque on a stand, with the picture of “Cinderella”, as a little girl. She is in a clean white school dress. Besides this there stands a square tube with the picture of the school. When Cinderella goes to school every morning, she is dressed in sparkling clean clothes. The plaque is covered by the tube, after showing it completely empty, and letting the audience see through this.
But every evening by the end of school, Cinderella’s clothes (like most other kid’s) are a grimy and dirty gray. The tube is turned around to display the school in the evening, and when lifted away, there is Cinderella in a “dirty” gray dress. Tube is replaced over the plaque.
But, continues the performer, when Cinderella goes back to school next morning, her dress is again clean by magic, and sparkling white once again. She has a fairy godmother to help her with her laundry ! Tube is turned to show the “school by day”, and when lifted, Cinderella is back in a clean white dress.
Your young audience loose no time in telling you you are merely turning Cinderella around, with a white dress on one side, and the gray on the other.
You act offended by this insinuation of blatant trickery !
You cover the figure, then lift away the tube, and show Cinderella really has a fairy godmother, and she is now dressed in her favorite day time picnic dress, red and polka dotted. The tube is shown through to be completely empty. 
After some build up, you turn the plaque around once again, and there is Cinderella in her evening party dress, a pretty blue and polka dotted.
The above is one suggested story line, and every children’s performers will work out their own favorite presentation.
We supply you all the props, sturdily constructed in marine play, (not MDF which bloats with time), attractively painted and screened in bright eye catching colors, with complete handling and presentation instructions. If you perform for Children, you will find a spot for this in your act.

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