Chop Stick Deck

Chop-Stick-DeckA very popular effect a few decades ago, now again available. An off-beat way of revealing a freely selected card, from a complete deck !
Performer displays a deck of cards that can be examined, and freely shuffled. It is a regular deck of cards. The only thing “special” about this deck is that it has two holes going right through it.
A spectator freely selects any card from the deck. No force. The selected card is noted and replaced in the deck, which is then again shuffled. 
A chop stick is now introduced, and passed through one of the holes. The deck hangs freely on the chopstick.
At the performer’s command, one card slowly swivels up from the middle of the deck, and it is the spectator’s selected card. 
Easy to do with the special deck and chopstick supplied, this comes complete and ready to perform a few minutes after you read the instructions.

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