Chick Pan – Aluminum

The Chick Pan is a smaller version of the classic Dove Pan.

The performer shows an empty pan.  A piece of flaming paper could be placed in the pan for dramatic effect, and transformed into the item to be finally produced. The pan is covered for a instant, and when the cover is lifted a live chicken appears in the pan.

This is an utility production prop, which can be used for producing small live stock or other solid loads.  A favorite with children’s performers is to put in invisible ingredients and “bake-a-cake”. Another very effective presentation is the Ribbon Fountain, where multicolor ribbon flows out of the pan.

The apparatus we supply is made from seamless spun aluminum.  The pan measures approximately 6″ in diameter and only an inch in height.  The complete apparatus (with cover) measures approximately 6.75″ in diameter and 4 inches in height (including the knob on the cover). The Chick Pan is an attractive prop, very reasonably priced, and supplied complete with instructions and ideas for use.

The Chick Fan Flower Bunch is a special bunch of super size spring flowers, designed to fit in the Chick Pan, and make a large production, appearing much larger than the pan.

Chick Pan

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