Change bag – Mini (Pocket size)

Change Bag MiniThe Change Bag is an invaluable accessory for any magician, and there are several different models available from any magic dealer. Although there are large Change Bags, for producing doves or rabbits, or other large items, most magicians use a Change Bag to change a couple of silks, ropes or ribbons, or other similar small and compressible items.
Most standard Change Bags are rather large, so we offer you this Mini Change Bag, which is a much smaller prop, and more appropriate in size with the items used. It has all the convenience and functionality of a regular Change Bag, but is a much smaller prop, compact enough to carry in your pocket, and perfectly workable for silks, ropes, ribbons, paper slips and currency bills, and solid items of upto the size of a deck of cards. You could have your silks or other items in the bag to start with, so that its use in the routine is natural and logical.
Well made with a wooden ring, velvet bag, and several ideas for use.

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