Change Bag – Jumbo with handle

Change-Bag-JumboThe Change Bag, as the name implies, is a prop used by magicians to change one item to another. It can also be used to Vanish or Produce items.

There are many varieties of Change Bags. We have several varieties of these in our range. The Jumbo Change Bag is our largest model of this utility device, operated with two hands and designed to vanish, exchange or produce any item of a suitable size which can be contained in the bag. This model can even be used to produce or vanish a small rabbit. The bag has an opening of 6″ in diameter, and measures 19″ in length, including the ring and wooden handle. The powder coated ring, with brocade bag makes for an attractive and eye catching prop.

With every bag we supply our book on Change Bags, with 101 tricks – a great value by itself. A utility prop that is a must for any performer, with literally 100s of applications.

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