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hoffman jumping cards

Hoffman’s Jumping Card

This prop has been described by Professor Hoffmann on page 130 of his Modern Magic, making it over a dozen decades old. But the title of the book is not a misnomer, and the item is as effective today as it was over a century ago. It has an element of surprise and audience participation […]

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Plate through Arm

This is a very effective and baffling penetration effect that requires little more than correct handling. Designed on a principle similar to that used for a commercial Finger Penetration effect, this is a large size stage model. In effect a solid plate penetrates the performer’s or a spectators wrist. The apparatus supplied comprises of a […]

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Card Castle – 17″

Card Castles make for colorful and intriguing productions. We have regular and Jumbo sized models in our range.  We now offer you this model, with miniature cards – each card in the castle measures only 2.5″ x 1.5″. When folded, the complete castle measures only 12″ x 6.5″, allowing you to conceal this in a […]

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