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hoffman jumping cards

Hoffman’s Jumping Card

This prop has been described by Professor Hoffmann on page 130 of his Modern Magic, making it over a dozen decades old. But the title of the book is not a misnomer, and the item is as effective today as it was over a century ago. It has an element of surprise and audience participation […]

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rope to silk

Rope To Silk

The magician displays a piece of rope about 20″ in length which he claims is a piece of the “Famous Indian Rope Trick”. The rope is held at one end and the other end held up. When the top end is left the rope falls down just like a normal rope. This is repeated once […]

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Plate through Arm

This is a very effective and baffling penetration effect that requires little more than correct handling. Designed on a principle similar to that used for a commercial Finger Penetration effect, this is a large size stage model. In effect a solid plate penetrates the performer’s or a spectators wrist. The apparatus supplied comprises of a […]

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Card Castle – 17″

Card Castles make for colorful and intriguing productions. We have regular and Jumbo sized models in our range.  We now offer you this model, with miniature cards – each card in the castle measures only 2.5″ x 1.5″. When folded, the complete castle measures only 12″ x 6.5″, allowing you to conceal this in a […]

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Lit Bulb From Mouth (New Model)

Credit for the concept of producing a string of lit electric bulbs from the mouth goes to Marvyn Roy. This is a miniature version of the Lit Bulbs from Mouth effect, using extra bright LEDs, (Light Emitting Diodes) and makes for a very effective visual magic routine. In this version the performer displays several lit […]

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Mexican Bill Box (Jumbo and Regular)

We now offer two models one regular and one large version of the popular Bill Box, originally made in wood, and subsequently in plastic. It is one of the best and most popular “puzzle boxes” ever created.  Effect : The performer displays a wood box, which appears totally sealed from all sides. A clear plastic […]

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