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Circus Matchboxes (Wonder)

The Acrobatic Matchbox is an old effect, but this model from Wonder, with specially made plastic matchboxes makes for a long lasting prop, easier in working than models made from regular board matchboxes. In effect, these are two matchboxes, that behave in a most uncanny manner. Place the boxes end to end, with one drawer […]

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Math-E-Magic (W)

This will give your audience the impression that you are a mathematical genius with incredible “lightning calculator” abilities, even though the skill  you require is no more than adding or subtracting 2 ! In effect you show four long square rods or blocks, each with 4 different digits printed on them, on all four sides. […]

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Tricks with Paddles (Wonder)

A set of 5 very effective Paddle Tricks, at a much lower cost than the individual effects. This includes special mechanical Paddles, like the Traffic Light Paddle, and the Color Changing Paddles, plus regular Paddle effect like Jumping Gem stones, & Spot Paddles. All items are complete with instructions. Good value, for the close-up performer, […]

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