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Swami Gimmick

Swami Gimmick # 4 – With Book

The Swami Gimmick or Nail Writer is one of the most useful Gimmicks a mentalist could own. It allows you to make written prediction which are absolutely amazing.  For example you write a prediction on the back of your visiting Card and hold it up.  A spectator is now asked to count the change in […]

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Sword Swallowing Mystery

Closely associated with magic are amazing feats like fire eating, swallowing swords, beds of nails, and other such carnival demonstrations. And like magic tricks, many of these have a trick or secret to them, making them in fact much easier to do than what the audience believes. While years of practice and training will enable […]

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super vision blindfold

Super Vision Blindfold

Over the years, magicians have performed many mysteries with their eyes blind folded. Several objects like bread, coins, dough, and wads of cotton, powder puffs, sheets of metal, adhesive tapes etc. including varieties of cloth blindfolds have been used to cover their eyes, and yet they have been able to read, write, sketch, even navigate […]

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see through blindfold

See through Blindfold

This is a mechanical See Through Blindfold, which gives you direct vision through the blindfold. It is useful for publicity stunts like riding a cycle or driving a car blindfolded.  It is not recommended for a performance of X-Ray Eyes in a Magic Show, where the use of ordinary everyday objects (like coins, plaster, and […]

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Appearing Rose

A novelty rose that could be used for a number of different appearing effects. Have it appear from under an empty Handkerchief or walk onto stage and have it appear at your finger tips from thin air! Fold the rose and hide it in your hand and have it pop out automatically or have it […]

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Breath – Sumit Chajjer

“A young faro lost in the desert walks aimlessly. He happens upon a beautiful stone half buried in the sand. As he blows the sand off of the stone to view it more clearly, he instantly notices a design that was not there a moment before. The design on the stone was an arrow pointing […]

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Frightening Spike

This is a very simple, yet highly dramatic effect, that can be the feature of your act. It is also excellent as a promotional stunt on TV, or as a stand alone routine in a varied entertainment act. Based on a “Russian Roulette” theme, the props consist of 3 wooden blocks. One of these has […]

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