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Triple Blending Silks

Triple Color Blending Silks

Performer displays three different color silks (say red, yellow and green) tied at one corner.  Two of the silks are held at their free corners, with one silk hanging down like a “Y” He passes his hand over the silks, and they transform to 3 multicolor silks each colored red, yellow & green.  Silks are […]

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checkers color changing silks

Checkers Color Changing Silks (Red/White)

The performer shows two silks approximately 13″ x 13″ of two different colors (Red and White) tied together by their diagonal corners. He passes the silks through his fist and they change into two silks in a Red and White checkered pattern. The effect can be repeated to transform the Checkered silks back to the […]

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It’s Magic Bag Blendo

The performer displays four large silks colored black, white, red and yellow and an empty blue bag. The bag is shown inside and out, and is seen to be of the same color. The silks are dropped in the bag and the bag is snapped. In an instant the bag transforms into a very large […]

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Split Multicolor Streamer

The performer displays a streamer striped Red and Yellow, which is shown freely all around.. He waves it and it visibly transforms into two separate streamers – one Red & one Yellow Made from pure Silks, the streamers are 44″ long and 6″ wide and the trick can be performed from a stage or from […]

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Duck Rabbit Silk – With Reel

A new and different production silk, with a novel touch of Magic. The performer reaches into his empty hat, and says he will produce a rabbit. But he only produces a silk, which when opened displays a picture of a Duck, and not a rabbit.  Surprised, the performer shakes the silk, and the picture of […]

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Birthday Message Silk 36″

Silks are a favorite with magicians. They make ideal production items,  compressing into a small place, and making a large colorful display when produced. Use them with your Silk Wonder Box, Mirror Box, Fold Flat Production Box, Change Bags, or other Production prop or cabinet. We have introduced a new Jumbo Message Picture Hank in […]

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Mini Silk Cabby & Frame Combo

The Silk Cabby & Frame Outfit have been popular with magicians for decades, as an excellent vanish and production of silks. We felt the normal props were rather large and bulky for the vanish and production of three silks, so we miniaturized and streamlined the props, to give you an appropriate prop for this popular […]

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Mirror Glass Blendo

This is a novel Mirror Glass, which makes possible some effective changes. In this set, we supply it with the necessary accessories for a “2 step Blendo” effect. For this effect, three silks are removed from the glass, which is covered with the cylinder, and placed aside.. They are placed in your pocket, or a […]

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Dyeing Mirror Box – Mini

The performer displays a small cubical box. He opens the door on the front and top of the box, to show it is completely empty inside. A WHITE silk is now pushed through a hole on one side of the box. It emerges from a hole on the opposite side, dyed a completely different color, […]

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