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Imp Bottle (FT)

A miniature bottle is rested on its side and stays flat for as long as the magician wishes. When spectators try, it springs back upright. Repeat as often as you wish. Plastic moulded bottle 1 3/4″ tall,  supplied with gimmick and illustrated instructions.

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Dice Atomizer (FT)

A clear capped capsule with a black die inside is given a shake. The die disintegrates into several tiny coloured dice. Alternatively, the die can be changed from black to white. A quick, visual effect. Complete with all the necessary dice, capsule and instructions.  

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Promotional and Gift Items

We regularly receive queries for cheap Puzzles and easy Magic Tricks which we can supply in bulk for advertising purposes, or as gifts and give-aways, or for performers to sell after their shows. Substantial discounts are available for bulk purchase of these items in quantities of 100 or more. Postage or freight is extra at […]

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