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Color It Large

A low price model of the famous Instant Art or Magic Painting effect. The performer displays a black and white picture of  a boy or girl magician  in an envelope with a cut-out front. The picture is pulled out of the envelope, and as it emerges it is visibly colored in many eye catching colors. […]

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Key Link Puzzle (Plastic)

The object of this puzzle is to separate the two linked keys. Try it without looking at the solution provided, and you will find it a very intriguing puzzle. This model is made of plastic, (each Key is about 2.75″ long), attractively boxed, and complete with the solution. We bring you the item at a […]

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Effect: Pictures of a Monkey and a Donkey on two arc shaped board cutouts are displayed. The Monkey is seen to be longer than Donkey. The performer then stretches the Donkey and he is seen to have turned longer than the Monkey. Next he does the same with the Monkey and now the Monkey is […]

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