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mental color blocks

Mental Color Blocks

NEW ! A new and novel divination effect. Performer shows 5 plastic (Acrylic) Domino like Blocks with different colored spots on them. He displays an opaque black bag, to entrap the block, hiding it completely. A spectator is given the 5 blocks and the bag. He is asked to place any of the blocks in […]

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crystal thought condensor

Crystal Thought Condenser

A spectator selects a card from an ordinary deck. The performer displays a small solid crystal cube, which he explains will condense and focus thought rays, just like a lens focuses light rays. The cube is held between finger and thumb, right under the spectator’s nose, and being completely transparent, the spectators can see there […]

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color vison deluxe

Color Vision – Deluxe

A Cube with six different colored spots is placed into an opaque box and closed. The magician names the colored spot on top of the boxed cube. The colored plastic box is 1 1/4″ square, with a cube 1 1/8″ size. Can be examined, and repeated as often as you like. A deluxe version of […]

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see through blindfold

See through Blindfold

This is a mechanical See Through Blindfold, which gives you direct vision through the blindfold. It is useful for publicity stunts like riding a cycle or driving a car blindfolded.  It is not recommended for a performance of X-Ray Eyes in a Magic Show, where the use of ordinary everyday objects (like coins, plaster, and […]

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Impressions (Handkerchief)

A “magical” handkerchief that you can carry around in your pocket. Use it to perform many effects limited only to your imagination or as a regular one. Two excellent effects are detailed below. A spectator selects a card from a regular deck. The card is shown around and replaced in the deck. The deck is […]

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Mental Die – Plastic

A plastic model of our HOT selling Super Mental Die Effect : A plastic die with 3 different colors or facial expressions is placed in an opaque box, and handed to the performer behind his back. The performer reveals the colour on top of the die. Although similar to items like Color Vision in effect, […]

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Clear Force Bag

How often have you come across an excellent magical effect that depends on the force of a card or word or number etc. Usually, the instructions suggest you use ‘your favorite method’. Now, the ‘Clear Force Bag’ will solve the problem. This special bag made out of heavy weight transparent vinyl plastic, 8″ wide and […]

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Mental Epic Slate

The magician makes three predictions on a board of three words or numbers selected by three members of the audience. These predictions are found to be absolutely correct. This is one of the finest and most straight forward mental effects ever conceived. It is suitable for presentation under all conditions, including Cabaret, and stage. The […]

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What’s My Sign

Magician shows a chart having 12 sun signs or pictures of the Zodiac. He requests the spectator to think of a sun sign or select his own. Then magician then hands over 4 cards having different sun signs. He asks the spectator to check them and return the cards on which he finds his sun […]

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