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  The Egg Bag is a classic prop, with all the ingredients that make it the perfect audience participation effect, specially for kid shows.The basic plot is direct and simple. An Egg is placed in a bag. It vanishes. It magically reappears inside the bag. The performer removes the Egg from the bag, and places […]

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Flower Bouquet Blooming Vase – 3D

A Bouquet of 3 Dimensional flowers magically appear on the picture of a bare stemmed Flower Vase. Magician displays a board with a picture of a flower vase with some bare stems. He says a flower vase only looks beautiful with flowers. He spins the board around in his hand making a magical gesture and […]

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Nu Way Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar is a popular magic effect, and there have been many versions, working on different secrets on the market. We now offer you a model suitable for stage use, working on a different principle, and which can be easily adapted to your individual performing preference. It eliminates the disadvantages of models working on […]

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Birthday Message Silk 36″

Silks are a favorite with magicians. They make ideal production items,  compressing into a small place, and making a large colorful display when produced. Use them with your Silk Wonder Box, Mirror Box, Fold Flat Production Box, Change Bags, or other Production prop or cabinet. We have introduced a new Jumbo Message Picture Hank in […]

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Giant Zipper Banana

The Zipper Banana is a comedy prop, familiar to Clowns, MC’s or anyone with a flair for comedy as a good visual Gag. The performer decides to take a snack break. He pulls out of his pocket a banana, unzips it, peels back the skin, take a bite and them meticulously zips back the skin […]

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Frightened Rabbit

The performer displays a plaque with the picture of a black rabbit in a cut out frame. The frame has two doors on front and back, and when both doors are opened you can see right through the skeleton frame. The performer asks the kid audience to “frighten” the rabbit by shouting “BOO”. He turns […]

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Enchanted Picture Rabbit Hat

Enchanted Picture – Rabbit Hat

Effect : A Rabbit magically appear on a picture of a Hat. The magician shows a picture of a Hat. He says this was drawn by a magical artist, and is a magic picture. The other side of the picture is a simple geometric design. The performer makes a few magic gestures, and when the […]

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Wonders of The World Prediction

This is a very simple and clean cut prediction effect. No forces, no stooges, no multi-outs, and a 100% surefire prediction. The performer displays a large board, with a transparent pocket on one side, holding a giant card. On the reverse of the board are 4 small transparent pockets, numbered 1-2-3-4, with 4 smaller (Jumbo […]

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