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floating currency

Floating Currency

A currency Bill placed on your open hand magically floats in mid-air.  Another currency bill may be passed under this, to prove there are no supports. Properly presented this is a most effective close-up illusion. Practice the handling, and you will be amply rewarded by the results. Comes to you complete with apparatus and instruction.

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Bill Appear

Performer displays a clear envelope. Two playing cards are shown on both sides and placed, one behind and one above the transparent envelope. The performer now reaches into the clear envelope and removes a folded currency bill (any denomination bill you wish) which has magically appeared inside the transparent envelope. The cards, envelope and bill […]

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coin vanishing stand

Coin Vanishing Stand

This is a mechanical stand, useful for vanishing four coins in a very convincing manner. The stand is used to apparently display the coins, and its innocent and clever design makes it seem impossible for the coins to be concealed in this. And yet, that is exactly what happens – the coins slide into the […]

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Coin Bender Gimmicks

Bending metals, apparently with the power of your mind makes for an extremely intriguing demonstration. Performers like Uri Geller have used similar demonstrations to get headline coverage, like few other magic tricks can. Like the best magic trick, the secrets are simple and fool proof. You require a modest amount of handling practice, and your […]

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Bill Penetration

The Performer shows a wooden frame with 3 holes in it and a backing piece. A currency bill is sandwitched between the frame and the backing and is clearly visible through all 3 holes. A “star trap” is swiveled over the center hole, and a pencil pushed right through it, emerging from the other side. […]

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Astro Coin – Wonder

Ask and you shall receive! A coin magically appears out of nowhere inside an empty, round transparent dome! You will rub your eyes in disbelief! Making money was never so easy. Alternately you can perform a visible penetration of a coin onto a coaster covered with a transparent dome that looks like a miracle. The […]

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Money Maker – Wonder

If one could do real Magic., the first thing one would do is mint money, or transform blank paper to currency bills A blank strip of paper magically gets printed into a real currency note when rolled through the magical device or “Money Maker”.  You can also make a smaller denomination note change into a […]

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Slim line Bill Tube

We have been making the classic Bill Tube for many years, and hope to continue producing this in the future. Some performers feel the “classic” prop with a locking pin and padlock are a little outdated as magic props go today. We have therefore also introduced this slimmer, sleeker, streamlined model of the prop. This […]

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Mini Coin Table

The inspiration for this very novel prop was The Table by David Roth (page 266 of his Expert Coin Magic). Although this prop looks the same, it works differently, and requires no special coins for its use. David’s table is a magnetic one, for use with a magnetic coin. This is just an ordinary wood […]

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