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knife through bill

Knife Through Bill

Performer shows a knife and a currency bill or note which may be borrowed. A piece of paper, the same size as the bill is folded in half, and the knife pushed through the middle. When the knife is pulled sideways, it rips through the paper, as expected.  He then places the bill over another piece […]

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Houdini Palming Coins

If you want to perform close up Coin Magic, or stage coin effects like the Miser’s Dream, you will find these coins great value. Specially made, with the picture of the famous Harry Houdini on one side, and the picture of Houdini in chains on the reverse, these coins speak a universal Magical language. You […]

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Climax Bill Tube

In case you are not familiar with the Climax Bill Tube, here is the basic effect, and working. A Bill is borrowed, and the owner asked to make a note of the number, and sign it, if he so desires. The Bill is folded, and given to the owner to hold, wrapped in a Hanky.  […]

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Shimmed Shell Penny

A shimmed shell Penny, this is a gimmicked coin required for some very effective coin tricks. You can conceal a smaller coin under the shell, and have the Penny transform to another coin. Or use a small disc of board with the legend ” IOU a Penny” !  The Penny is shimmed, and attracted by […]

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Shim Shell Coin -Half Dollar

Make a US Half Dollar multiply, disappear or penetrate your hand. Change the half dollar to a quarter or vanish it using a reel or magnet. We supply a shimmed half dollar shell and coin. Plenty of routines with a shell coin are available in Bobo’s Coin Magic Book

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Scotch And Soda – Coin Trick

The first coin trick by everyone that ever was interested in magic. The coins do all the work. Put the half dollar and the copper Mexican Centavo in your spectator’s hand. Have them close their hand and then it is reopened immediately. The copper Mexican coin is gone and re-appears in your pocket Many astounding […]

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