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Flash Dice

Flash Dice consists of a plastic box and six dice. You can do a number of effects with it. For instance you can put the dice in the box randomly, close the lid, give the box a shake, then lift the lid to reveal that the faces of the dice are arranged in order from […]

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Mental Die – Plastic

A plastic model of our HOT selling Super Mental Die Effect : A plastic die with 3 different colors or facial expressions is placed in an opaque box, and handed to the performer behind his back. The performer reveals the colour on top of the die. Although similar to items like Color Vision in effect, […]

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Paddles blank

Paddles – Blank

This is no trick – but an accessory that has many trick possibilities limited to your imaginations only. These plastic paddles are similar to other plastic paddles used in our various tricks, but blank on both sides. You can draw sketches, write something with chalk, or use mini decals for dozens of paddle tricks using […]

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drop out no drop out

Drop Out – No Drop Out

Drop Out is a classic pocket item, easy to perform, and highly puzzling to the un-initiated.  The performer displays a small bottle with a hole on one side. A steel ball is placed in the hole, and the bottle inverted.  Whenever the magician does this, the ball does not drop out of the hole, defying […]

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A classic optical illusion, with a story line to accompany the action. You show two “fish” one yellow and the other red. Say these are the fish caught by two fisherman and each brags that his fish is bigger. Place them one under the other. Ask which one is longer, and they will say the […]

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Adair’s Melt Thru Chip

A neat close-up penetration effect using a couple of colored chips.. The performer displays both sides of 2 plastic chips, 1 red and 1 black. He asks a spectator to select one of the colors. Both chips are now positioned on the back of the left hand which is now made into a fist. The […]

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Whiteboard Paddle Outfit

A paddle is an accessory that has many trick possibilities limited to your imaginations only. There are hundreds of tricks using the “paddle move”. They are effective and practical for table hopping at restaurants etc. Markings or pictures on the paddle magically jump, disappear or multiply. During the 1950’s, The Supreme Magic Company of England […]

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Snapper Puzzle – Wood

The Snapper Puzzle is a classic “magical” puzzle that seems impossible till you know the clever secret. The performer displays a Cylinder with a hole running through it. At the bottom of the hole a Rubber band is threaded across the Cylinder. A small plunger with a hook at one end and a knob or […]

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Tricky Top Spin – Wonder

The props are comprised of  a regular die, and a top with six numbers. You ask a spectator to roll the dice on the table. It lands with a number (say 5) at the top. You, or another spectator then spins the top. To everyone’s surprise, the top mysteriously stops at the number 5 !  […]

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