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Amazing Drawer Box (FT)

This small box can be made to appear full of items, or entirely empty as the performer wishes. Made in plastic it measures approx. 4″ long, 2.5″ wide and 0.6″ high and can produce or vanish items like paper money, paper slips, biscuits, small silks, pleated ribbons, or crayons.

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Imp Bottle (FT)

A miniature bottle is rested on its side and stays flat for as long as the magician wishes. When spectators try, it springs back upright. Repeat as often as you wish. Plastic moulded bottle 1 3/4″ tall,  supplied with gimmick and illustrated instructions.

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Dice Atomizer (FT)

A clear capped capsule with a black die inside is given a shake. The die disintegrates into several tiny coloured dice. Alternatively, the die can be changed from black to white. A quick, visual effect. Complete with all the necessary dice, capsule and instructions.  

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ring of locked bolt

Ring Off Locked Bolt

A borrowed finger ring is placed on a bolt, a nut is screwed on and the tip of the bolt is padlocked, making it impossible to remover the nut. The magician removes the ring in an instant. Precision machined brass props, with a solid bolt turned from 1″ hex rod, 2.5″ long, a 1″ hex […]

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Mystic Spinning Rings

A very mystifying visual effect. Two gold rings are given out for inspection. One is taken back an held between the forefingers and the other is rubbed against it. The second ring magically hangs on this. The performer then blows on the bottom ring making it spin in a mysterious manner. You are supplied with […]

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A spectator places a die with a freely selected number of spots on top into an examined opaque container, which is closed with a tight press on lid. This is then placed into a second larger examined container which is also closed by the spectator. The spectator then concentrates on the number of spots on […]

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