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floating currency

Floating Currency

A currency Bill placed on your open hand magically floats in mid-air.  Another currency bill may be passed under this, to prove there are no supports. Properly presented this is a most effective close-up illusion. Practice the handling, and you will be amply rewarded by the results. Comes to you complete with apparatus and instruction.

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Squirmy Worm Rope

Squirmy Worm Rope – Allan Lambie

A piece of Rope becomes Animated, and magically coils around the performer’s thumb, like a pet snake. Performer shows a piece of rope and freely holds it with the rope hanging down. Suddenly the lower end of the rope curls up spookily and encircles the thumb. This is repeated several times until the rope is […]

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Rising Wand – 10″

This is a Gag Magic Wand, which you can use as a regular magic wand in your act, and have it perform a few magical antics of its own. The wand can be made to jump out of your hand. It can jump into the air, or jump up and strike you on the chin […]

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Animated Coke Picture

This is a novel Animated Picture effect. Performer displays a picture of a bottle of Coca Cola  full of coke. A spectator is handed a straw and invited to suck on it, imagining he is drinking the coke. As he sucks on the straw the Coke in the picture visibly diminishes, till the bottle is […]

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Super Floating Match

This is a superior version of the famous Floating Match effect. Our earlier  versions (which are also available) are made with regular IT allow you to float a match about an inch off the surface of the card. This Super model is made with Elastic IT, which will permit a match to float an inch […]

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Floating Death Head

The performer displays a picture of “Death” or the Grim Reaper. He gestures in front of the picture, and the Reaper’s Head rises and floats up, then back. You can display the picture freely on both sides. The item is produced on a sturdy plastic plate measuring 2.75″ wide and 4.5″ high with attractive offset […]

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Floating Head Charlie

This is a novel animation item. Performer displays a picture of Charlie Chaplin. He gestures, and Charlie’s head magically floats up and down again. You can freely display the picture on both sides. You can repeat the effect as often as you like. The item is produced on a sturdy plastic plate measuring 2.75″ wide […]

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