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rope gimmicks

Super Rope Gimmicks

We supply two Tarbell type gimmicks (1 set) consisting of two turned brass parts which are firmly attached together with a screw type fitting. Twist the two ends to separate the two parts. They fit into normal magicians’ rope. (Soft core Rope, with a sleeving outside.) The Tarbell Screw-In type Rope Gimmicks are one of […]

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Spring Flowers # 25

Spring Flowers # 25 (Large & Standard)

We make several varieties of Spring flowers, for magic effects. These are flowers made of paper, plastic film, foil or cloth, that fold flat for “loading”, and spring open to make a big and colorful display when produced. Different types, and bunches with several different sizes and number of flowers are available, for different use. […]

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Swami Gimmick

Swami Gimmick # 4 – With Book

The Swami Gimmick or Nail Writer is one of the most useful Gimmicks a mentalist could own. It allows you to make written prediction which are absolutely amazing.  For example you write a prediction on the back of your visiting Card and hold it up.  A spectator is now asked to count the change in […]

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silk wonder box

Silk Wonder Box

The Silk Wonder Box is a small metal box, which can be opened and shown to be completely empty. Yet it will vanish, produce or exchange Silks, Ribbons, Rope, Paper and other small items. We have an economical Standard model, made from stainless steel and a Deluxe heavy sheet model, made from brass, chrome plated, and comes with […]

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chop cup aluminum white


This is a professional Chop Cup made from seamless spun aluminum and powder coated for the close-up magician. The Chop Cup allows you to perform many Cups and Balls type routines, using a single cup, where balls magically penetrate, appear under, or vanish from a cup. It has a mechanical feature, which in combination with […]

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Himber Kling Ring

Himber Kling Ring

A Funtime Magic Original  As the name suggests, this is a combination of the Himber Ring, and the Kling Ring. It can be used to perform any of the effects you could perform with either of these rings. The Himber Ring is a ring that can be secretly opened and closed, permitting you to link […]

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Clip Board

Clip Board (A4, A5 & A6) Size

It is essential that a mentalist’s props look as natural and inconspicuous as possible. After all, a mentalist is not supposed to be using any props, and if he has to use them, they should resemble every day objects. The clip board in appearance is a most ordinary piece of board with a clip  Yet […]

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swap wallet

Swap Wallet

A clever utility wallet for magicians, to Vanish, Produce or exchange Playing Cards, Visiting Cards, Photographs, Currency Bills, Cheques, Postage Stamps etc. Complete and ready to use with instructions and ideas for effects.

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Imitation Leather Change Wallet

Your Change Wallet is a simple mechanical prop, that will exchange, (or vanish or produce,) any item it can hold. The imitation leather model looks like a quality prop, even at close distances, and comes to you at a very affordable price.

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PK Ring Black-silver

P.K. RINGS – Black Stripe

A very powerful magnet fashioned into a normal ring for professional magicians! It will give you a host of unique opportunities to amaze and impress, limited only by the extent of your imagination. Use these PK rings for some amazing levitations, animations, and suspension effects. Have a cigarette magically cling to a playing card, or […]

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