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Bottomless Glass (FT)

This glass, as the name implies is a clear tumbler without a bottom. It looks like just an ordinary tumbler, an everyday object, and being transparent is above suspicion. It has a variety of applications, for several magic effects. The Bottomless Glass is made in a good quality plastic, to match our other trick tumblers, […]

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Match To Rose (FT)

Performer blows out a lit matchstick, and it instantly changes to a red rose. The red cloth flower looks like a real rose, and is made to last. The special gimmick is made for easy and smooth working. Comes complete with instructions. Not recommended for minors.

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Card Silks

Another popular series are the card silks, that depict playing cards. The Court Card Silk Outfits are available as pairs comprising of a blank white silk, and a silk with a QH or KS in an 18″ size, and many tricks you can perform with these. The 5H and Matching blank has two blue bordered […]

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