Catch Me if U Can

Catch me if U CanThis is one of the most novel of the Three Card Monte type effects with a completely unexpected climax.

The performer displays a Jack, Queen And King in a fan. The fan is turned face down, and a spectator is invited to find the Queen.

When he picks out the card he believes to be the Queen, the card turns out to be something completely different and unexpected.

We supply the outfit with two possible endings. One is for adult audiences – naughty but not offensive. The other is for kids or a general audience. Both will produce a big surprise and a big laugh.

Very modestly priced, easy to do, and supplied complete with all cards and instructions.

NOTE : this effect is also part of the Tricky Cards Magic Bag advertised separately on the following page so if you are buying the set, you do not need to buy this separately, unless you want an extra set.


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