Cards -Jumbo Single and FAKE

Jumbo-Fake-CardsWe also have printed several fake cards to match the jumbo cards above. You can buy single cards to meet your requirements, as listed below. We will try to meet your exact requirement, but cannot guarantee this. So if you ask for 4 identical double face cards, red on one side and black on reverse, we can most probably supply. But if you want say QH on one side and 3C on reverse of a D/F card, such a specific D/F card may not be available. Please give alternate selections where possible.

The following are currently available as single cards-

Regular Jumbo Spot Cards (Ace to Ten – Red or Blue back)

Regular Jumbo Court Cards (J, Q, K – Red or Blue back)

Blank Back Jumbo Cards (all values and suits)

Double Face Jumbo Cards (only few selected combinations available with picture card and spot card on reverse)

Blank Face Jumbo Cards (Red or Blue Back) – very useful, as you can draw or print (on a PC printer) any wording or design on the face of the cards.

Double Back Jumbo Card (Red/Red)

Double Back Jumbo Card (Blue/Red)

Double Back Jumbo Card (Blue/Blue)

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