CARD FOUNTAIN with Rechargeable Battery

Card FountainThe card fountain is one of the most visually appealing of “stage card tricks”
In effect a spectator selects a card from a deck. The card is shuffled back into the deck, and the deck placed in a Top Hat, (or Can, Box or any similar container).
Performer claims he will make the selected card rise. He gestures but nothing happens ! So he gestures more wildly, and the whole deck comes flying out of the Hat like a fountain. The spray of cards is a sure fire “applause getter”.
Finally the performer reaches into the hat, and removes the one card left behind – the selected one.
The fountain is motivated by an electronic gimmick (as illustrated above). You can use any hat, tin, box or container that can hold the gimmick.
We have had these gimmicks for over a year, but did not market because of a problem with the batteries. They require a 9V Alkaline cell to work, which are very difficult to get, and very expensive, making each performance or practice an expensive proposition.
Rechargeable Battery and charger now included. We have finally solved this problem by including a suitable rechargeable battery and charger, so that it now costs almost nothing to perform this. The rechargeable battery and charger cost almost as much as the gimmick, but you get a complete and ready to use prop with no hassles. In fact you will use this battery for all your other gadgets requiring a 9V PP3 battery – it is a real money saver.  The charger available at present  is for the 220V supply only. We will introduce a Universal charger (110V/220V) as soon as we can. If you require a 110V charger please confirm before ordering.
Supplied complete with the card fountain gimmick, rechargeable 9V battery and 220V charger, and instructions. Use your own hat or box or container. Limited stocks – order early if interested.


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