Cane to Twin Parasol Display Stand

Cane to Twin Parasol CThis is a very smart and effective production of a useful “Display Stand” that you can use on stage, platform, cabaret floor, or any place, even when surrounded by the audience.
Effect : The performer walks on to stage with a large Cane. He places the tip of the cane into a cup on the floor, and instantly the cane transforms into a pair of inverted parasols, one above the other to form an attractive and off-beat Display Stand. Cane to Twin Parasol 0pSubsequently the performer uses this to hold his production and other items like card productions, silks, ropes and ribbons, spring flowers, paper garlands, sponge items, plastic multiplying balls, and other light weight items.
The apparatus we supply for this includes  :
A super size Vanishing Cane. This cane is made of stainless steel and powder coated to give you a maintenance and rust free prop that requires no oiling or cleaning.
The “cup”, which holds the cane and display stand upright, and also conceals the collapsed cane after the transformation.
Cane to Twin Parasol OThe two parasols, one black and one multicolor specially gimmicked for the effect..
The apparatus sets up in minutes, and is a very smart, effective and novel transformation. The cost is very reasonable, compared to anything similar on the market. This is a time consuming and expensive item to produce, so please order early if interested. Once the current batch is finished, it may be several months before a new lot is available. (Now upto 50% off)

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