Campbell’s ISO Box


The magician walks on stage carrying a beautifully crafted wooden box. The box is designed with a light wood finish on the initial outside and a dark wood finish on the initial inside. He lays it on his table and proceeds to turn the whole box completely InSide Out The audience can clearly see both faces of every side of the box …inside and out. After completely unfolding and re-assembling the box, to demonstrate it’s emptiness, the magician then produces a variety of articles from within.
The ISO Box is the creation of Magician Campbell McRae of Scotland. Exclusive manufacturing rights have been granted to Funtime Innovations Pvt. Ltd., of Calcutta. The box measures 10″ long, and 7″ wide and 7″ deep.  It is sturdily crafted from Marine ply, and laminate, inside and out, with custom fittings. Just the working and construction of the box are intriguing – with the production of a sizable load seemingly impossible.

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