Campbell’s Cube Off

Cube Off 02We are delighted to have acquired exclusive manufacturing rights to this amazing block penetration effect by Magician Campbell McRae of Scotland – an effect that has won praise from many top performing magicians. Suitable for stage, yet can be performed inches from your audience.
The apparatus comprises of a wooden tube, with large see through holes at both ends, a solid block about 2″ in size, and a brass wand. The cube is placed in the tube, visible at all times through the hole. The wand is passed through the cube and tube, locking the cube firmly in the tube. Then with a tap, the cube visibly penetrates off the wand. 
There have been similar effects before, but none so clean and convincing. And the best part is that you have almost nothing to do, other than follow the instructions. The effect almost works itself. 
Campbell’s Cube Off is made in wood, with a brass wand, and comes to you complete and ready to work. Use it once, and it’ll have a permanent spot in your act.

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