Button Penetration

Button-PenetrationEFFECT: The performer places a miniature transparent plastic box with a hinged lid on the table,  The lid has an iridescent design. A white plastic button with a red spot sits on top of the lid.

The performer explains that the button is in fact “a highly charged particle”, and if any object suddenly hits it, it can pass right through a solid surface, and the heat generated will fuse back the solid surface through which it has penetrated! 

The performer now displays a playing card in his hand, showing both sides. He smartly taps the button with the playing card, and the button visibly drops into the box, apparently making a hole in the lid! 

However, as the close-up viewers are given the box to check, they are amazed to note that there is no hole in the lid. The button has truly passed through the solid lid, and visibly dropped into the box! The hole is only in the iridescent film on the lid.

This easy to do and self working closeup effect is a modified version of an effect titled SNAPOLA, marketed by The Supreme Magic Company of England in the 1980’s. Ic comes complete with all requirements and instructions, ready to use right away.

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