Butterfly Puzzle

butterflypuzzle1A most intriguing optical illusion. This is an adaptation of the Over/Under or Banana / Boomerang Puzzle, with a most amusing presentation theme, from the fertile mind of Ian Adair.

Performer displays two curved boomerang shaped pieces, one with a green caterpillar, and one with a red one. The piece with the caterpillar at the bottom is obviously longer, but the performer says they are for ever growing longer. When the shorter caterpillar on top is “stretched” and transferred below the longer one, it now appears longer !

This is repeated as often as you like. Then you say, when caterpillars really grow up, they all change the same, and turn the pieces over, and there is a very beautiful butterfly formed with the two pieces, and every one can see both pieces are now exactly the same size.

The Butterfly Puzzle is produced with vibrant eye-catching colors and custom art, offset printed or heavy board, laminated for years of use. A great novelty you can carry in your pocket, and use any time, any place. There are many models of this “puzzle”, but this one is hard to beat. And the price is a big surprise – you can buy them by the dozen, as a very affordable give-away to your audience.

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