Break Away Fan – Stainless Steel

breakawayfanSSThis classic prop can be used to obtain many comedy effects and gives the performer an item to use in an audience participation act. The performer produces a fan and proceeds to fan some item, explaining that it must be fanned in order to operate properly. He then hands the fan to the “victim” selected from the audience, and tells him to be sure to keep fanning. As the spectator takes the fan and attempts to open it, the fan opens up into separate segments and the spectator finds it impossible to do anything with it. The more he turns the fan the more it becomes confused. The performer then takes it and with a few twists it again becomes normal. However when ever any one else attempts to use it, the fan falls apart again.
This is a new model of our break away fan and is made from stainless steel and attractive patterned cloth. A prop designed to give you years of trouble free service, and maintain its mint appearance.

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